Mens Wedding Ring Shopping Made Enjoyable

For the husband-to-be shopping for their wedding band can be a challenging and time consuming task, made more complicated by the lack of suitable custom-made men’s wedding ring options that are of exceptional quality and don’t cost a small fortune. 

Men Wedding Ring

Men are often overlooked by traditional jewellers as a valued customer and very little effort is taken to provide them with a range of wedding ring choices across are range of price points, metals and styles. KAVALRI, an Australian men’s wedding ring and jewellery online platform is looking to change this by positioning itself as the go-to online destination where men can find their perfect custom-made wedding ring.

Many men would prefer not to go into multiple jewellery stores to search for their perfect wedding ring, instead they would prefer to do their own research from the comfort of the home. KAVALRI understands this and is positioned very differently from a traditional jewellery store in every sense of the word. While many jewellers only offer the most expensive rings such as gold or platinum, KAVALRI is dedicated online men’s wedding ring destination offering customer with a wide spectrum of custom-made rings in alternative metals such as Tantalum, Titanium, Back zirconium and tungsten, aswell as one of the largest collections range of  solid gold, platinum and palladium wedding bands.

Gold Mens rings

This focus on value, range and flexibility has allowed KAVALRI to become a growing player in the online men’s wedding ring market with over 500 men’s ring styles currently available. KAVALRI also work with grooms to further customise our existing designs or to create a new style that a customer might have in mind.  

With a focus on range as well as value and service, KAVALRI aims to provide a superior offering to what customers currently receive in the traditional retail landscape. Understanding that grooms can sometimes leave getting their wedding band to the last minute has prompted KAVALRI to introduce a fast custom ring turnaround service. Here grooms can place their order and then receive their custom made wedding ring to their exact specification within 8-14 business days, all this without the need visit a single jewellery store. 

Mens Wedding Bands

With a growing range of men’s wedding bands, flexible resizing policies for all its wedding bands and coupled with great customer service, KAVALRI aims to make men’s wedding ring shopping a lot easier and hopefully a little more enjoyable.