Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

How long does it take to make a custom ring?

Our rings are custom made-to-order and generally take four weeks to make plus shipping timeframes to get to you. If your ring is for a special day, please allow enough time for the ring to be made and posted to you. If you are in a hurry, please get in contact with us so we can determine if it is possible to rush your order, look at an expedited shipping option or provide you with an option for a fast production ring. 

How do I ensure I get my ring size correct?

If you already know your ring size or internal ring diameter - Great! If not, you can use our ring sizing chart here to work out the best ring size for you. We also recommend being professionally measured at your local jeweller just to confirm your ring size is correct.
To further help you get your correct ring size we offer a free ring sizer to assist you to get your correct ring size. Please click here to order your ring sizer. We also have FAQs about the best ways to get your correct ring size.

Ring Resizing Policy for Black Zirconium, Tungsten and Titanium Rings

Titanium, Black Zirconium and Tungsten rings cannot be resized. Therefore it is important that your ensure you have he correct ring size.  Any exchanges/replacements of our custom rings (made to order), will incur a $95 AUD administration and production fee. This fee applies to change of mind or incorrect sizing.
Our Black Zirconium, Tungsten Carbide and Titanium rings are made to a comfort fit. For tungsten carbide in particular, we recommend ordering a half size down from what you might be originally sized with if you are measured with a flat inner band. Please do not hesitate to contact us before your purchase if you have questions on your correct ring size.
For further details on our policies regarding our ring replacement guarantee, please click here.

Ring Resizing Policy for Gold Rings

For all our 18 carat solid gold rings (no mixed metals) we offer a free resizing guarantee which means if accidentally order the incorrect size we will offer you one free ring replacement to the correct size with 30 days of purchase at no additional charge. 
For further details on our policies regarding our ring replacement guarantee, please click here.

For 9 Carat Gold Rings a $95 melt down and ring production fee will apply to have your ring resized to the correct size. 

The ring size I need is not listed, how do I order an in-between size?

Need an in-between size? No worries at all - just leave us a note during check-out that you require a particular size and we'll ensure the ring gets made to that size.

How big can you make your rings?

We can make most of our rings up to a size Z+7 (16) depending on what material it is. Please send us an email at with the style you have in mind and we can let you know if we can make it in a larger size.

Can my ring be engraved?

Yes, absolutely and engraving is offered at no extra charge.  Please let us know at time of purchase what your engraving message is and we'll include this on the inside of the ring.

With our gold, platinum and two tone metal rings you can select your preferred font type. 
All Tungsten Carbide rings and Titanium rings are laser engraved. 

Can I further customise my ring?

We often get questions from people wanting to further customise their ring. We can change the width of a ring, change the plating colour or create a custom design that is unique for you. Simply send us an email at with what you have in mind and we'll let you know if we can help.

General Wear and Tear

How do I look after my custom ring?

Regardless of what material your ring is made of, it is not indestructible. Please take care of your ring. We recommend removing your ring if you're doing manual labour, on the tools, at the gym or any other activity that puts your ring under unnecessary risk.


We offer high quality plating on Tungsten Carbide rings. Whilst the plating applied on our rings extremely durable, it will still wear over time and therefore we suggest you look after you ring. We recommend to remove your ring during activities that can result in increased wear and tear.

Diamond Rings

How long does it take to make a diamond wedding ring? 

It will take approximately three to four weeks for us to custom make your diamond wedding ring, depending on the individual design you have chosen. You will receive a notification as soon as your ring has been made and is ready for pick or to be securely sent to you. 

Can you make a diamond ring to match my engagement ring? 

Absolutely. During your consultation we will work with you to achieve your desired ring style that matches your engagement ring.  We have close to one hundred diamond display rings in our showroom and hundreds of other ring designs that we can make. 

What type of metals can I get a diamond ring in?

We offer a wide range of metal options ranging from white, yellow and rose gold in both 9 and 18 ct choices, through to platinum, palladium and black zirconium. 

Platinum and Palladium Rings

What is Platinum?

Platinum is considered the rarest and most precious of all metals. Our Platinum rings are a minimum of 95% pure Platinum.  Platinum is a very hard metal that has natural white colour that will maintain its lustre over time?  

What is Palladium? 

Very similar to Platinum, Palladium is a precious metal that also has a white appearance. It has the same level of hardness as Platinum and all our Palladium rings contain a minimum 95% pure Palladium. 

Gold Rings

What type of ring finishes do you offer? 

We offer a number of premium finishes on our classic gold rings at no extra charge. These finishes include, polished, satin, brushed,  Grain and many more. Please go to the individual product pages to view the finish options. 

Can I further customise my gold ring. 

Yes. We can work with you to create a matching or similar styled gold wedding ring that you have in mind.  Compared to most jewellers, we have a unrivaled range of men's wedding rings to choose from so the chances are we will be able to help find your prefect gold wedding ring 

How do I take care of for my gold wedding ring? 

Regardless of the type of wedding ring you choose it is important to protect it from scratches and abrasions. Over time all wedding rings will scratch, but you can minimise this by being aware and protecting it from hard surfaces as well as removing the ring when undertaking activities that will likely lead to the ring being scratched. 

Black Zirconium

What is Black Zirconium?

Black Zirconium is a cutting edge and tough metal that men are increasingly choosing as their ring of choice. Black Zirconium is a super strong metal (harder than platinum), highly durable and looks great. Similar in weight to titanium, all our Black Zirconium rings are hypoallergenic.
Zirconium begins as a grayish-silver metal that turns black through the heating process that causes the rings entire surface to oxidise and turn black. This allows for amazing two-tone designs to be created by cutting into the metal to reveal the silver tone of the natural zirconium beneath the surface.

Can Black Zirconium scratch?

Yes, whist Black Zirconium rings are very strong and durable, the fact is, as with all metals, Black Zirconium is not scratch resistant. We recommend you take reasonable care with your Black Zirconium ring and don't subject it to unnecessary or avoidable impact. Take it off when you're on the tools, at the gym and don't try using it as a bottle opener - otherwise it'll look great for a long time to come.

Can I customise my Black Zirconium ring further to what you have available?

Do you have something in particular in mind that you would like made out of black zirconium? We can offer a number of customisations to our black zirconium ring collection so please let us know if you have something in mind.

Tungsten Carbide

What is Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten carbide is an extremely strong and hard material that is popular as a wedding ring. Tungsten carbide is roughly ten times harder than gold and is therefore an extremely durable material of choice. Highly resistant to scratching, tungsten rings retain their perfectly polished appearance.
Tungsten carbide rings are heavier and thicker than gold, titanium and black zirconium rings so keep that in mind when looking for your ring.

How do I take care of my Tungsten ring?

While tungsten is extremely tough and considered almost indestructible, it can also be brittle, meaning it can crack if dropped on a hard surface like concrete or tile at the wrong angle. Please click here for details of our ring quality guarantee to give you peace of mind should this occur.
While tungsten carbide rings are extremely scratch resistant, many of our ring styles include yellow gold, rose gold, blue metallic or black plating. The plating itself can wear so its important to look after your ring and not expose it to unnecessary risk.

Can I customise my Tungsten ring further to what you have available?

We certainly can! Want to switch a ring from charcoal to black? Change the inlay of a ring from rose to metallic blue? How about switching a ring from a rounded edge finish to a pipecut - we can do all of this. We can offer a number of customisations with our tungsten ring collection so please let us know if you have something in mind. 


Can Titanium scratch?

Titanium rings are very strong and durable, however like all metals , titanium rings can scratch so we always recommend taking your ring off for activities where it is at risk of being scratched. Lightweight and comfotable to wear our titanium and titanium and gold rings are a great wedding ring option. 

Can I customise my Titanium ring further to what you have available?

We can have a number of unique two tone titanium and gold designs that are in addition to what is listed on our website, which we can make on request.

Simply get in touch and let us know what you have in mind and we will see if we can provide you with a style that either matches or is similar to what you are after. 

What if the ring size I ordered is wrong? 

For all our Men's Platinum and Palladium rings we offer a free ring resize if the ring size you ordered is incorrect.