A Guide to Halo Engagement Rings

Halo Engagement Rings

When searching for an engagement ring, you’ll find a range of stunning options to present to your bride-to-be. One of the most intricate and beloved styles is the halo engagement ring.

This ring style captivates and delights with its distinctive appeal, generous sparkle, and attractive design, elevating the overall look and letting the bride show off a ring that matches her personality. From serene to bold, understated to opulent, a halo engagement ring can set the sparkle in her heart.

The Allure of the Halo

You might think that the halo is a contemporary design. After all, it’s a popular look, and you can see it on plenty of beaming brides-to-be in recent years, including celebrities like Cardi B, with her 8-carat pear-shaped diamond ring with pink diamond double halo, and Jessica Biel, with her double halo, cushion-cut diamond ring with pavé sides and blackened platinum.

Royal brides are no stranger to the lure of the halo, either. Halo engagement rings have dazzled in royal outings, especially Kate Middleton’s oval blue sapphire, diamond halo ring once worn by Princess Diana, Princess Eugenie’s padparadscha sapphire with diamond halo, and Pippa Middleton’s Art Deco-inspired, asscher-cut diamond with octagonal diamond halo.

The History of Halo Engagement Rings

Early versions of contemporary halo designs first took shape in the Georgian era, from the 1700s to the 1830s. During this time, diamond engagement rings were more common with wealthier citizens, but any bride presented with a ring felt the same thrill as brides do today. The ring’s shimmer and design gave her a special glow, along with the joy that her wedding day would soon arrive.

For Georgian design, it was all about nature. Butterflies, leaves, birds, and stylised shapes were popular design features, but so were flowers. In fact, flower-shaped engagement rings share many similarities with today’s halo designs because of their larger centre stone and smaller outer stones representing the petals. You might find diamonds or seed pearls — or sometimes both — in the design, with the rose cut and old mine cut the most popular.

As time went on, the Victorian era introduced more coloured gemstones into the halo, and the old European cut and modern brilliant-cut welcomed more facets and greater sparkle into each stone.

However, the Art Deco movement of the 1920s was when the halo design we know and love came into prominence. Art Deco loved symmetry and intricate geometric designs, so it was a natural pairing for a solitaire diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. Halo rings became popular, especially oval and square diamonds with carefully matched halo diamonds and coloured gemstones.

Our Top Picks for Halo Engagement Rings

It’s no easy feat to choose a small selection of our favourite halo designs. Our rings come in various metals and settings, with centre diamonds in multiple shapes and natural or lab-grown selections.

Whether your bride loves the white gold and square cushion-cut look or the yellow gold and round brilliant-cut style, you’ll find endless ways to customise this gorgeous symbol of love.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for Kavalri halo engagement rings!

1. Evianna Pear Diamond Engagement Ring Setting


First up is the Evianna pear diamond engagement ring setting. This beauty shines with its pear-shaped diamond in an eye-catching three-claw setting. Surrounding the centre stone are smaller diamonds in a haloed micro-prong setting, drawing attention to the pear shape and adding extra sparkle. With side diamonds along the upper shoulder, this ring shows the perfect balance between shimmering accents and sleek metal.

We also offer the Evianna in a round centre diamond with square halo setting.

2. Ada Diamond Engagement Ring Setting


Next, you’ll adore our Ada diamond engagement ring setting. Designed in a classic round style, the Ada features a four-claw setting fit for a spectacular round stone in your choice of natural or lab-grown diamond. The round halo adds depth to the centre stone and captures the natural sparkle in each pavé setting. Ada continues to delight from the side thanks to a raised open shoulder and five gorgeous pavé-set diamonds on each side.

3. Leilani Diamond Engagement Ring Setting


Leilani is another of our top picks for halo engagement rings. Our Leilani diamond engagement ring setting pairs a stunning oval centre diamond in a four-claw setting with an intricate micro-pronged halo of smaller diamonds. Wrapping around is an eye-catching twisted shank, complete with a pavé prong-set diamond shoulder. The intertwined shoulders are a beautiful representation of the love you share.

4. Catalina Diamond Engagement Ring Setting


Our final top pick is the Catalina diamond engagement ring setting. It shimmers from all angles and features a stunning cathedral-like setting for the round centre stone and surrounding halo of micro-prong pavé diamonds. Below the halo, you’ll find two hidden diamonds and a row of side diamonds that extend down the shank. Beautiful, timeless, and magical.

Are you searching for the perfect engagement ring? Choose Kavalri for exceptional quality and craftsmanship! You can customise your ring and make it a one-of-a-kind symbol of love, a gorgeous diamond-covered creation to pass down to future generations. Contact us today to learn more!