Discover our Difference

Discover the Difference

World Class Designs

Welcome to KAVALRI, Australia's leading engagement and wedding ring destination offering an unrivaled selection of beautiful engagement ring designs, the finest diamonds (natural and lab-grown) as well as hundreds of premium men's and women's wedding rings to choose from. Couples can choose to view our ring designs online or make an appointment in our ring showroom where our friendly diamond and ring consultants will guide you through the process to help to find your perfect ring, all in a relaxed setting.

A Transparent Experience

We take the stress out of diamond, engagement and wedding ring shopping by offering a comfortable and friendly setting where our expert diamond consultants will assist to help you find best natural or lab-grown diamond for your budget. Through our fully transparent diamond portal we offer thousands of pre-screened natural GIA certified diamonds and IGI or GCAL certified lab-grown diamonds that are all fairly priced!  

Curated Diamonds

Our pre-screened diamonds are sourced from leading diamond suppliers located in the key diamond hubs of Antwerp, Hong Kong, New York and Mumbai ensuring we can source the finest diamonds at exceptional value. Our extensive database also includes locally stocked diamonds so clients can be easily select one of our locally stocked diamonds to view in our showroom before deciding to make a purchase, providing that extra level of comfort & peace of mind.  

Personalised & Friendly Service

In addition to offering the most exceptional diamond engagement rings and wedding rings we also offer a full custom design service for our engagement rings or design studio service for our men's wedding rings.

Our friendly expert ring consultants will be able to take you through the design process in an simple and streamlined way so you can discover your perfect custom ring design.

Book an appointment today and experience the KAVALRI difference for yourself.

KAVALRI has helped thousands of customers create their dream engagement or wedding ring, while guiding them to find their perfect diamond that best matches their preference and budget requirements. Offering a fully transparent shopping experience, clients are encouraged to view the KAVALRI website to browse from hundreds of custom ring designs and diamonds - all from the comfort of their home before making an appointment at our showroom. Once you have made a showroom appointment one of our experienced and friendly consultants will guide them to help select and finalise their perfect ring design and diamond selection. With a committed focus on providing our customers with unmatched transparency, unrivalled designs, and exceptional value, KAVALRI makes diamond engagement or wedding ring shopping an enjoyable, stress free and informed experience. Discover the KAVALRI Difference Today.