Buying an Engagement Ring Online

Engagement Rings Online

Purchasing an engagement ring is no doubt one of life’s key milestone events, which is why you certainly would be best placed to do some initial research. Purchasing an engagement ring is one of the most meaningful decisions you will make in your life, but luckily is has become a lot easier thanks to the rise of online shopping, with a range of highly reputable jewellery retailers that now also sell engagement ring online as well as in-store.

Shopping for engagement rings online has not only become increasingly popular, but is much more stress-free thanks to reputable jewellery retailers, such as Kavalri jewellery that now offer diamond engagement rings to purchase online, allowing customers to view diamonds with 360-degree high-definition video’s. This transparent shopping experience not only provides an exceptional level of confidence for the customer, but allows them to find the exact engagement ring and diamond that best meets their requirements and is within their budget.

When purchasing an engagement ring online, there are a few considerations that you will need to factor in when deciding on the perfect engagement ring. Knowing what you want will best help you narrow down  what you are after and help you find your perfect diamond engagement ring online.

The Diamond 4C’s

Diamond cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight, all form a grading system that dictates the quality and hence the price and value of a diamond. The cut refers to the quality of the facets, angles, and finish of the diamond. The clarity speaks of the number of blemishes present within the stone. The colour refers to its hue and how colourless it is. 


Each person’s budget for an engagement ring will widely vary depending on a host of factors like their income, savings, financial commitments, and personal preference. Once you have decided on your budget, there are many options you can explore within that range. Once you have done your research having a clear budget in mind will always help.

Design of Engagement Ring

The design and style of the engagement ring depend on personal preference and can vary from traditional and iconic solitaires to trilogy rings and to the more recently popular halo rings. 

Ring Size

Your jewellery retailer may use an industry-standard ring sizer, which is a set of metal rings in varying sizes, to help determine your ideal ring size. If you’re purchasing the ring for someone else you could take along a ring they use for measurement. You can also choose a ring from the available selection at your retailer’s outlet and get it resized, if possible.


Natural Diamond, Lab Grown Diamond, or Gemstone

Other than the fact that they are cultivated in a lab, lab-grown diamonds are similar to natural diamonds in multiple aspects including having the same physical, optical, and chemical compositions. The current market for lab-formed diamonds is not well developed as yet. If you are after something more unique you may want to consider a gemstone such as a sapphire, morganite or tanzanite as your engagement ring gemstone of choice.

Where to Buy Your Engagement Ring From

Here are some tips which can help you identify the perfect jewellery destination to buy your engagement ring:

  • Allows choose local, reputable Australian jewellery stores. Purchasing from international jewellery retailers can risk shipping delays, incurring import taxes not to mention the lack of post purchase support.
  • Purchasing from jewellery stores such as Kavalri, ensure that customer will be able to receive ongoing maintenance of their engagement ring such as inspections, general maintenance, cleaning and re-plating of the ring.
  • Choose reputable jewellery retailers such as Kavalri jewellery who provide ring resizing free of cost, for all their engagement rings purchases. This is a big consideration when buying online and can offer you peace of mind during and after your purchase. Should the ring not fit, you can get it resized.
  • Choose to buy your engagement ring from jewelllery stores that transparently displays both their diamond pricing, certificates and high definitions videos so you are able to truly find your perfect diamonds engagement ring
  • Purchase from an online store with high-quality images. When shopping for wedding rings online it is important to be able to clearly see the ring so shop with online stores that have high quality product photography.
  • Read their customer reviews find a jewellery store that have excellent and honest customer reviews.

If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring online, take the time to do your research. Follow these tips, and you will find the perfect engagement ring that looks stunning and is within your budget. If you have questions about this guide or would like some help to find the perfect engagement ring for yourself or someone special in your life, please contact us today!