Guide to Buying your Wedding Rings Online

Wedding Rings Online

There are many good reasons to buy wedding rings online.  Wedding ring shopping online is not only convenient and stress free but offers several advantages to shopping instore. With the surge in online shopping, purchasing wedding rings online has now become a standard choice for many couples.

Why Purchase a Wedding Ring Online? 

Here are some key reasons why many couples are increasingly looking online when deciding to purchase their wedding rings. 

  1. Limited selection in jewellery stores. Many jewellery stores will only have a minimal selection of wedding ring designs to few at their physical location. This is particularly true for men’s wedding rings with jewellery store generally only offering a small choice of a few plain gold or platinum wedding bands. Shopping online customers are able to find a wider range of ring styles and metal options above what is is store.
  2. Today’s couples are increasingly choosing to shop and purchase online. Shopping online is convenient, and online jewellery retailers have stepped up to the plate in providing wider range of  wedding ring that are available for browsing online.
  3.  Price transparency is another key reason people buy online. A traditional retailer has a great deal of overheads, which essentially always gets passed onto the customer. Online pricing is much more straightforward, without all the pricing “baggage,” which allows for significant savings for the same wedding ring. Often customers will not be aware of the price before entering the store so “price shock” is something that is easily avoided by shopping online with jewellery retailer that transparently publish their wedding rings prices
  4.  You don’t have to “settle” for a ring that’s not exactly what you want. Shopping online gives you the space to search and the time to mull over your choices without having to bend to the hard-pressure tactics of a salesperson who wants to get the sale.

Tips for Purchasing Your Wedding Rings Online

Here are some useful tips when deciding to purchase your wedding rings online.

  1. Purchase only from Australian jewellery retailers instead of international retailers for obvious reasons to avoid shipping delays, import taxes, and post purchase customer service such as resizing etc. 
  2. Purchase from a reputable online jewellery retailer. Purchasing wedding rings online today is a seamless, easy and secure process., but it is still important to find a reputable jewellery retailer that also sells online. Seek an experienced jewellery stores who offers a flexible policy regarding ring resizing. Omni channel retailers, such as Kavalri, are highly experience in both instore and online sales and offer a wide selection of stunning, high-quality wedding rings for both men and women’s.
  3. Purchase from an online store with high-quality images. When shopping for wedding rings online its is important to be able to clearly see the ring so shop with online stores that have high quality product photography.
  4. Read their customer reviews find a jewellery stores that have excellent and honest customer reviews.
  5. Post purchase policies - Purchase from a jewellery retailer that offers flexible resizing policies in case the ring your ordered needs to be resized.


How to Get Your Finger Size

You want your beautiful new wedding rings to fit your finger, so getting the right size is especially important when ordering your rings online. Luckily, getting an accurate size isn’t hard. There are a couple of ways you can go about it.

  1. Make a quick stop at your local jeweller and get an expert to size your finger. Ensure that the jeweller you choose knows that you are looking for a comfortable fit. A comfort fit is when the ring is tapered to the finger rather than a flat inner band. There is about a half a size difference between the two measurement styles.
  2. Order a free ring size from Kavalri Jewellery. Once ordered the free ring sizer will  provide an accurate guide, however it is best to validate this with a ring measurement for a local jewellery store to get a more definitive size.

Here are some of our more popular ring designs that  our customer love purchasing online

Shopping for wedding rings can be a daunting task, that is why retailers such as Kavalri jewellery offer the option to purchase both instore or online, making the process of finding the perfect wedding ring simple, enjoyable and stress free.

Here are a few of our favourite designs. Take a peek at these stunning wedding rings that are sure to please even the pickiest bride!

Eloise Women's Diamond Wedding Ring – KAVALRI

Everly Women's Diamond Wedding Ring – KAVALRI

Victoria Women's Diamond Wedding Ring – KAVALRI

Twila Women's Diamond Wedding Ring – KAVALRI

Cleo Women's Diamond Chevron Wedding Ring – KAVALRI

If you’re looking to buy a wedding ring online, take the time to do your research. Follow these tips, and you will find a wedding ring that fits well, looks beautiful and is within your budget. If you have questions about this guide or would like some help to find the perfect wedding ring for yourself or someone special in your life, please contact us today!