Our Top Diamond Wedding Ring Design Picks

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Are you looking for the perfect wedding ring? We love the diamond wedding ring for a classic and stunning symbol of love and special moments. 

Despite the classic beauty of diamond rings, the diamond wedding ring offers endless designs for every bride. From classic style to a modern feel, there are many options for wedding ring designs. We have a comprehensive overview of diamond wedding ring designs so that you have the information and confidence to choose your best look.

Read our comprehensive overview of ring designs so that you can make an informed decision on the perfect ring for you. We share our top picks of the most popular and most unique designs for diamond wedding rings below.

Diamond Wedding Rings: Our Picks for the Most Popular Designs

Popular diamond wedding rings are the most trendy and beloved designs of the season. These designs reflect the many brides who felt a personal connection to these rings.

Here are our design picks for the most popular diamond wedding rings.


Visit this Everly pave diamond ring here.

The pave wedding ring has diamonds set across the outer curve of the band. The stones continuously 'pave' a path around the ring.

This popular type of wedding ring design creates the illusion that your ring is made completely of diamonds. It's a beautiful design that balances a stunning sparkle with a minimalist look. Of course, you can have other stones incorporated with your diamonds to make a variety of unique patterns.


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See this Aria channel diamond ring here. 

A channel ring has stones set throughout a 'channel' in the ring. The stones sit in a groove through the ring's metal, which can offer an elegant and sleek look.

Since channel set rings have stones surrounded by metal, this is a great design for durability as well as style. If you like to get your hands dirty, your diamonds will have more protection with this design. Your diamonds are less likely to be scratched since they are laid inside your ring.

Prong or Bead

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See this Alyssa 6-prong diamond ring here.

Prong, otherwise known as bead, diamond rings have stones set in a groove along the metal of your ring. This design is similar to channel set rings, but small metal prongs hook around your diamonds.

This design presents your diamonds in a more dimensional way while keeping your stones secure within the band of your ring. Prong set wedding rings are popular for women who want their diamonds secure and protected.

Curved or Fitting

See this Elysia curved diamond ring here.

Curved, or fitting, wedding rings are a lovely twist to the traditional wedding band style. The metal curves create a unique style for your ring.

This design comes in a variety of shapes, though many brides love the recently popular chevron shape. The curved ring is also popular for practical reasons as the curved shape gives more room for your engagement ring to shine.

If your engagement ring has a large stone or any shape that may curve out, a curved wedding ring can fit perfectly with the shape of your engagement ring.

Diamond Wedding Rings: Our Picks for the Most Unique Designs

Among the endless ring designs, there are a few designs that truly make a statement. Unique diamond wedding rings give brides a special, even ethereal beauty.

Here is our curated design list of the most unique diamond wedding rings.

Chevron or Crown

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See this Claudine chevron diamond ring here.

Chevron, or crown, wedding rings provide a fun twist to the curved ring. Chevron is a special design that curves into a point to create a unique inverted V-shape.

This design gives you the opportunity for versatility. Because of their distinct shape, chevron wedding rings can look simple or luxurious depending on your taste. From a shining band of small diamonds to luxurious, jutting stones, you can find the chevron ring for you as long as you love the shape.


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See this Russian diamond ring here.

Russian wedding rings have multiple metal bands wound gracefully together for a twisting design.

Diamonds designs are beautiful, but why let them steal the show? This design shows off your metal band as well as your stones.

You have the option between multi-coloured metal bands or multiple bands of one colour. The variety and intricate design potential of Russian rings gives you the opportunity for a truly unique wedding ring. 


See this Turkish wedding ring here.

Turkish diamond wedding rings have multiple metal bands twisted together. This design is similar to the Russian ring style. However, in the Turkish design, the metal bands sit on top of each other, only twisting together in one central area.

If you prefer a statement piece to a uniform design, the Turkish wedding ring is the best style for your taste. The ring has a clear focal point while still showing the beauty of your band.

Black Diamond

See this Black diamond ring here.

Our last pick of unique designs, the black diamond wedding ring, is special because of the black diamond colour.

Everyone loves the classic diamond for their wedding, but that doesn't mean your diamonds have to be white. For a touch of fun colour, choose the unique black diamond design for your wedding ring.

Your Diamond Wedding Ring Design

A wedding ring is more than jewellery; your wedding ring is a symbol of love, solidarity, and your future in partnership. Every diamond wedding ring has a unique charm, but every bride deserves the wedding ring that speaks to her.

Look through our top design picks and then make your own list of eye-catching designs for your perfect ring.

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