A Guide to Oval Engagement Rings

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Finding the best engagement ring for your special person can be overwhelming. While there are many options in the market, you will want something unique and eye-catching to crown the moment.  If you want something more than the traditional round engagement rings, oval engagement rings can do the trick for you. Oval engagement rings come in different designs and styles. They are timeless and vintage-inspired with striking features and luxury.

Interestingly, oval engagement rings and oval diamond cuts are not new in the bridal jewelry scene. As early as the 1300s, oval diamonds were in existence. The modern-day oval stone was made famous by a Russian diamond cutter, Kazara Kaplan, in the 1950s. Oval engagements are increasingly becoming popular thanks to inspiration from celebrity engagements.

For instance, Hailey Baldwin Bieber's oval-shaped diamond in 2018 drew so much admiration for the classic appeal and timeless style that oval diamonds bring. Also, Kate Middleton's oval engagement ring, which features an oval blue sapphire, speaks of class and elegance.

Our Top Five Oval Engagement Rings

Oval engagement rings come in different sizes, types, and designs. Some have more decorative details, others are plain and simple, some are long and thin, others are wide and round, some have pointy ends, and some have flatter ends that almost veer into the cushion-shaped territory. Each type possesses unique and beautiful qualities, and no matter your taste, there’s undoubtedly an oval in the perfect setting for you. Here are some of our top oval engagement rings you can consider.

1. Oval Vienna Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

The beautiful Oval Vienna Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring setting consists of a diamond halo and side stones to fit the center oval diamond. The center diamond, typically 1 carat, is purchased separately based on your specifications.

If you need an increased halo size or other specifications, the ring is customized to fit your exact requirements.  You only need to choose a metal type then select between Lab-Grown or Natural Centre Diamond. Its thin and sleek band makes it a sparkly beauty. Oval Vienna Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring is an ideal choice for women who want simplicity and elegance!


2. Alyssa Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

This type features side diamonds and a hidden halo. However, it does not include a center oval diamond in its pricing. A hidden halo engagement ring is a unique and innovative classic halo design.

Rather than having the center stone framed, the halo sits under it and acts as the base for the diamond. The hidden halo makes the center stone appear larger, works with any shaped diamond, and allows you to mix different metals without overwhelming the design.

3. Eloise 6-Prong Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

This beautiful design consists of side stones on the band and a six-claw setting.  The diamond quality is GH SI1-2  for Natural Diamonds or F-G VS-SI1 for Lab-Grown Diamonds. The design offers a unique opportunity to show off your oval-cut diamond.

The incorporated side stones bring a striking and dazzling appeal that any bride-to-be would want to show off!

4. Charlotte Trilogy Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are looking for a perfect three-stone oval engagement ring design, you will love the Charlotte Trilogy Oval Diamond Engagement Ring. It comes with two pear-shaped side diamonds (6 x 4 mm - approx 0.50 ct each) in a classic four claw setting and a 8 x 6 mm oval center diamond.

Its intricate details make it stunning and romantic with a touch of vintage. The bold oval diamond in the center gives it an all-time classic look. Additionally, this ring setting can be paired with a straight wedding band.

5. Mimosa Diamond Engagement Ring

This design brings out the vintage-inspired look with a traditional feel. The Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring design has a bead set twisted split shank and accompanying bead set classic halo. The halos offer the perfect setting to make an oval diamond shine.

Why Choose Oval Engagement Rings?

Aside from their luxurious look and design, oval diamonds incorporate a modern and unique twist to a design that will simply never get old. Also, an oval-cut diamond appears larger than its carat size. If you are conscious of the size of your fingers, oval stones can make your hands appear long and slender.

What to Look for When Choosing an Oval Engagement Ring

When looking for your dream oval engagement ring, you should consider the following:


The type of band you choose to complement your oval stone should match your preference. Although most brides prefer thin bands so that the diamond carries the show, there are no rules on the type of band.


A simple setting pairs well with oval diamonds. If you are unsure of the best setting, consider sticking to the classics.


Most modern styles are inspired by a mix of modern flair and a more classic look. Whatever your preference, you cannot go wrong with a diamond halo addition.

Bottom Line

When choosing the perfect oval engagement ring, the options are endless. Whether you go for minimal, vintage-inspired, or styled modern, you will have a perfect opportunity to display class and elegance.

At Kavalri, we create exceptional custom-made oval diamond engagement rings with a whole level of price transparency. If you need help finding the best engagement ring, contact us today.