Tantalum, the ultimate men's wedding ring metal

Tantalum is an exceptional metal that has burst on the men’s wedding ring scene with good reason. This highly durable metal exhibits the exact characteristic that groom’s-to-be look for in a modern day wedding ring. Let’s look at why this metal has become such a popular choice of wedding ring in such a short period of time.

Tantalum Metal Characteristics

Tantalum is a hard metal that due to is great metal characteristics has been used in a range of applications including medical implants and pacemakers due to the metal’s inertness and hypoallergenic characteristics. Tantalum has also been used in a range of other industries due to its strength.

These medical and commercial uses have made tantalum the perfect choice of wedding ring, with durability being one of its primary strengths. Tantalum is very scratch resistant (all rings will scratch to some degree) and completely crack resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for those with a busy and active lifestyle.

Tantalum’s physical appearance is also a big draw card. It is a greyish metal with a of bluish shade that gives it such as truly unique look. It also comes at a weight which is similar to that of platinum, giving it that luxurious feel, but without the price tag.

Whilst being a rare earth metal that performs on par with platinum in terms of strength and durability, it is priced at a much more appealing price point, priced roughly at that 9 carat gold rings.

Another benefit of tantalum is that the metal can be made and combined with gold to create an exceptional two-tone mixed metal looking ring. The tantalum and gold mixed metal rings are priced around the price of 14 -18 carat gold rings, but the result is a superior ring that is truly unique, will last a lifetime and you will love wearing.

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Australia’s Finest Tantalum Rings

Kavalri offers Australia’s best range of tantalum rings, offering several designs in plain tantalum with different finishes as well as a collection of new- age tantalum and gold aswell as tantalum and platinum styles that are sure to impress. Our tantalum rings can be made with a range of premium finishes that include polished, brushed, hammered or ice matte. All Kavalri tantalum rings are made to the highest level of craftmanship, presenting its clients with a ring they will love wearing. Our tantalum rings are also conflict free giving you peace of mind you are purchasing an ethical wedding ring. If you are after a new age contemporary metal that will wear well over time and requires minimal maintenance post-purchase, than this wedding ring choice should be high on your wishlist.  

In terms of re-sizing like gold wedding rings, tantalum wedding rings can be easily resized. We offer a range of flexible resizing options for customers that wold like to get their ring resized. 

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Customisation & Transparency

 All our rings are not only transparently priced to give you full confidence and peace of mind, but we also offer a level of customisation for all our tantalum and tantalum mixed metal rings so you can truly create your ultimate wedding ring. customisation includes changes to the overall design including any changes to the width, which can be easily made to your exact specifications. As a unique personal touch all our men's wedding rings including our tantalum rings come with complimentary engraving. 

If you love any of our design but would like to make a customisation do not hesitate to reach via email or phone and we will able to ensure we provide concept of your perfect ring. We also have showrooms in Melbourne and Brisbane which are open by appointment. Here you can experience a personalised consultation to help you find your perfect wedding rings.

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History and interesting facts about Tantalum 

Tantalum was first discovered in 1802 by Anders Gustav Ekeberg and the name is derived from the legendary mystical Greek king Tantalus.

  • The atomic symbol for Tantalum is TA and the Atomic number is 73.
  • Tantalum has an astonishingly high melting point of over 3000 degrees celsius, which is the 3rd highest melting point of any element.
  • Tantalum has a very high ability to resist corrosion even against high levels of acid. 
  • Most tantalum that is sold for commercial use is in powdered form and used in electronic devices

Sources of Tantalum

Tantalum is a naturally occurring mineral which is predominantly found in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Mozambique, Canada, Nigeria and Thailand. 

Reach out online through our website, email us at sales@kavalri.com.au or contact our showroom directly and one of our friendly consultants will be happy to assist.