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Gemstone Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a symbol of your relationship and your personal style. Every bride wants a beautiful engagement ring that will convey the love she shares with her partner while showcasing her personality.

In our modern era of individuality and expression, brides are looking beyond cookie-cutter ring designs for a more unique and personalized ring design.

You can feel both fashionable and authentic with a unique engagement ring. We took inspiration from the brides who think outside the box to choose the most creative designs. Look through our guide for stunning ring designs, inspiring celebrity styles, and customizable ring options.

Pair Your Gemstones

See this Elodie Emerald Sapphire & Lab Diamond Ring here.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

If you love more than one gemstone, combine them for a truly original engagement ring. You can choose your gemstones by colour coordination for a fun yet tasteful look. Some couples choose their birthstones for a beautiful ring with a special meaning.

Experiment by pairing a vibrant gemstone with a neutral gemstone for gem inspiration. As the picture above illustrates, you can combine a statement gemstone like the emerald sapphire with a classic neutral gemstone like the diamond. With the balance of gemstones, you can mix gemstone shapes for a fun yet elegant look.

Though this is a unique ring option, some celebrities have chosen to get creative with their gemstones. Ariana Grande, for example, features an angled diamond ring with a small adjacent pearl. Ariana Grande and her fiance commissioned a jeweller to design a one-of-kind engagement ring. 

Add Band Colour

See this Willow Morganite & Lab Grown Diamond Ring here.

Morganite Rings

Ring bands go beyond silver and gold. Modern brides can find engagement rings with any colour band.

The metal of your band can affect its colour. While yellow gold and platinum are popular and classic metals for ring bands, you can choose from precious metals such as white gold, rose gold, or even green gold for a distinctive band colour.

Many trendy brides who want something special are wearing rose gold around their fingers. Your diamond will sparkle even brighter set against a rose gold band. With a splash of colour, you can turn a classic engagement ring into a unique design.

Actress Blake Lively looks stunningly beautiful with her rose gold engagement ring. She pairs an oval, pink-hued diamond with a rose gold, diamond-studded band. Blake Lively manages to balance both colour and subtlety with the soft pink colour palette in her ring. 

Create a Gemstone Path

See this Ivy Diamond Engagement Ring here

.Engagement Rings

Adding diamonds along the band in a unique way to create that something different. The simple concept allows you to get creative with your ring. As shown above, you can arrange small gemstones reminiscent of ivy curving around your ring band.

Famous singer Ciara uses multiple gemstones with her engagement ring band. The ring's design features a large, circular diamond flanked by four different-shaped side stones. The ring's side stones slowly taper into the band to create one cohesive design.

Side stones will add style to your band while accentuating your centre gemstone. Many brides searching for a gradual shift from gemstone to band choose side stones. Whether you want an intricate design of side stones or simple stones on either side of your centre gemstone, the addition of side stones will instantly elevate your engagement ring.

Shape Your Diamond

See this Kalia Pear Chevron Diamond Ring here.

engagement rings brisbane

Look for a unique design beyond circular bands and rings. Our example, the beautiful Kalia Pear Chevron Diamond Ring, shows that you can play with the shape of your ring in many ways. 

While the pear shape is a popular stone shape, the halo around the base of the pear diamond evokes royal elegance beyond the original pear inspiration. You can add small details to common styles to create a familiar yet unique design for your engagement ring.

Our celebrity inspiration Gwen Stefani forges her own engagement ring path with a heart-shaped, pink-hued diamond. Small white diamonds encircle the diamond. She uses the small white gems set along the pink heart-shaped diamond to evoke romance and originality. 

Customize Your Engagement Ring

For brides who want a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, you can design your ring with our full CAD custom ring design service. Our designers will sketch your dream ring and CAD almost any design for you. 

You can request partial customisation to choose a unique ring style and finish if you already love a ring. With a variety of gemstones and materials, you'll have the freedom to make a unique engagement ring that expresses you and your relationship.

After you book an appointment to design your custom ring, you can expect your ring to arrive in around four weeks plus shipping time. If you're in a hurry, contact us, and we may be able to expedite your ring.

Want a truly unique engagement ring to fit your style? Kavalri Jewellery is your jewellery destination of choice for expertly crafted engagement rings. 

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