Black Zirconium, for those after something unique

Being a new metal to the wedding ring scene, Black Zirconium has become an increasingly popular option either as a plain black band or a two-tone gold and black mixed metal ring option. So lets get to understand the characteristics of this dynamic metal.  
As a metal Zirconium begins as a grayish white metal that is very similar to Titanium - it is also relatively lightweight and skin-friendly. However once heated, the exposed portion of the metal oxidizes turning into Black Zirconium and a smooth coating that feels much like ceramic, but still tough and durable. The heating process etches the black surface into the zirconium metal.
Unlike black titanium and black tungsten, which have a black plating plated over the surface of the ring, black zirconium's permanent black coating means the black colour will never fade over time.

Black Zirconium’s rapid rise in popularity is not only because they look amazing, but they have a good level of scratch resistance (will still scratch when into bumping hard surfaces), hypoallergenic and have a strong resistance to corrosion. They are also well priced compared to the likes of 18 carat gold wedding bands yet offer greater scratch resistance.  

Black Zirconium Wedding Rings

KAVALRI's  range of Black Zirconium Rings come in a range of contemporary and unique styles, that are bound to stand out from what is currently available in the market. From plain black ring through to black zirconium and gold combination rings we offer the largest and best online range of Black Zirconium Ring designs in Australia. All Black Zirconium rings are all custom made exactly to your specifications. 

Most of the range can be made to be comfort fit, which means that the ring is perfectly contoured to the shape of the finger resulting in less friction between the ring and the finger. '

If you would like more information about KAVALRI's range of Black Zirconium rings then place get in touch with with us and we would gladly provide you with more information. 



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