Our Top Men's
Wedding Ring Picks

We proudly offer the widest range of men’s wedding rings designs in Australia, giving grooms an unrivalled level of choice to find the ring that is perfect for them. A wedding ring is intended to be worn for a lifetime, so it is important to select a ring that you will truly love, is comfortable and you will always want to wear.

All our wedding rings come in a range of metal options ranging from the traditional styles in metals such as gold and platinum through to the more cutting-edge metals such as tantalum and elysium black diamond through to mixed metals and more budget friendly options such as titanium, carbon fibre, black zirconium and tungsten.

Narrowing our exceptional wedding ring collection to only 10 wedding ring choices was an extremely hard job, but here is a shortlisted selection of both KAVALRI's customers and our favourite styles - enjoy!

Ashton platinum and centered tantalum wedding ring

The Ashton platinum and centered tantalum wedding ring this highly versatile ring design that combines two exceptional metals, offering an excellent level of durability and style. This understated ring showcases the white platinum metal along with the darker shade of tantalum - revealing a striking ring. This ring can be made with platinum 600 or platinum 950.

The Vanguard white and rose gold edged wedding ring

The Vanguard white and rose gold edged wedding ring is always a popular pick. The vanguard features a sleek bevelled edge each side of the ring they make a two-tone gold really stand out. The vanguard design can be done in a number of gold two tone combinations as well as in a mixed metal combination, easily making it one of our favourites.

Lancaster gold and diamond men’s wedding ring

For those after a bit of bling with your ring you cannot go past the Lancaster gold and diamond men’s wedding ring. The Lancaster is an astute choice featuring 5 X 0.03ct diamonds positioned on the top of the ring makes it a premium choice for this looking for a statement ring.

Quarter curved comfort fit wedding ring.

This one is as traditional as it gets and remains a high in-demand ring of choice for grooms. The classic gold wedding band continues to sell well for those simple after a simple wedding ring without any frills. Our classic gold wedding bands are all comfort fit and come in a range of profiles, widths and thicknesses and are available in yellow, white of rose gold. This classis gold band in the quarter curved comfort fit wedding ring.

Elysium black diamond wedding ring

From traditional we go to cutting-edge with the Elysium black diamond wedding ring. Elysium black diamonds are the world first solid black diamond wedding ring that have been compressed at high pressure to make a wedding ring that is made purely of black diamonds. Elysium rings are virtually scratch proof. This is perfect for those that are after a dark ring that will never fade in colour.

Lawrence tantalum and gold edged wedding ring

Our Lawrence tantalum and gold edged wedding ring is a superb, rugged choice of wedding ring that you will love wearing. Featuring brushed tantalum and your choice of gold edging on the side that can be made with edging options of yellow, rose and white gold or with platinum edging.

Rounded smooth polished gold & carbon fibre wedding ring

For those who love all things racing our range of carbon fibre and mixed metal rings are bound to be high on your wishlist. We are loving the rounded smooth polished gold and carbon fibre wedding ring. Carbon fibre is a lightweight, but highly durable material that makes it a great choice for wedding ring particularly when combined with a metal such as gold or tantalum - giving it that sleek and stylish look.

Vangaurd platinum Wedding ring

We just had to give the vanguard style another feature and this time in platinum. The vanguard platinum wedding ring is such perfect mix of traditional and contemporary showcasing an understated level of sophistication, the vanguard ticks all the boxes. This ring style along with all our platinum rings designs can be made in either platinum 950 or platinum 600.

Black zirconium and rose gold wedding ring

For those that are loving the black look but still want to break it up with another colour our black zirconium and gold rings are a fantastic option. One we just absolutely love is the custom black zirconium and gold striped wedding ring.


Tantalum and black diamond wedding ring

Rounding out our top picks is the tantalum and black diamond wedding ring. This unique and super stylish ring features a row of black diamonds right around the ring showcasing a striking and rugged look with some real wow factor.